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For a luxurious home fragrance without the flame, our Wax Melts are a must-have! Each wax melt offers a punch of natural fragrance when added to a wax melter. Ideal for any room in your home where you want to add a burst of fragrance in just minutes.

Our 8-pack set comes with 8 individually wrapped large blocks of the same scent, that are 1 ounce each. They are hand-poured in small batches to allow the maximum amount of fragrance load for each set. When placed in your wax burner, these blocks allow a strong scent and extended burn time. 

At Feathered-Roots we use only the highest quality ingredients to craft our wax melts. We are proud to bring our hand-poured scents into your home.

*100% pure soy wax

*Clean and free of all toxins 

SOUTHERN COMFORT - a southern blend of leather, multiple bourbons, and tobacco caramel.

LEATHERED BURLAP - the perfect blend of leather, bourbon, cedar, and oak.

SHIPLAP - a sweet and sultry fusion of teakwood, tobacco caramel, clove, and honey. 

FARMHOUSE - scented with a burst of cinnamon, a touch of sweet apple, mixed with ginger, vanilla, tonka bean, and green leaf. 

BACK COUNTRY ROADS - Farm fresh watery pears, woodsy amber, green bergamot, tonka bean, musky vanilla rose and clove leave you an amazing sense of fresh country air.

SWEET SUMMER - a sweet blend of cranberry, mandarin oranges, cherries, and strawberries with a twist of lime. 

SUGAR SANDS - a sultry and divine scent of ocean cypress, salty sea air, windswept jasmine, and sweet strands of patchouli.

CINNABERRY - a strong and divine combination of cinnamon apples, sweet wild berries, and clove spices topped with an exotic addition of jasmine. 

STARBURST - a delicious medley of mouth-watering fruity notes of freshly picked wild watermelon, sweet honeydew melon, pink grapefruit, and lush red raspberries.

COFFEE SHOP - Need a scent to wake you up? This is it!! Packed with a powerful punch of fresh ground coffee bean, bourbon, and butterscotch with a hint of mocha, Irish cream, and vanilla latte. 

TICKLED PINK - a sweet, yet relaxing and luxurious scent of wild fruit, jasmine, coconut, and sandalwood. 

AMERICAN GIRL - a strong and vibrant collection of white peach, daisies, juicy apples, fresh rainwater, melons, and garden florals and finished off with notes of amber. 

SALTY COTTON - The freshness of crisp Sandalwood and Ocean Waves provides a calming sense of Salty Cotton.

 *For a list of detailed scents, check out our Scent Line Up tab under Candle Shop. 

*Please see our Candle FAQ Tab for more info on our candles and candle care. 

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